Omaxe New Heights Floor Plan

Usually there is hardly any choice when it comes to the floor plan of apartments built by property developers. However, Omaxe is a group of developer which gives importance to the individual taste and preference to their customers. This is the reason that they provide a choice between 3 different kinds of size plans which are completely different from each other. As a result you get to choose the kind of size plan which suits you best.

The best part about the floor plans of Omaxe New Heights is that the interior space has been optimally utilized without any kind of wastage. In spite of the complete usage of interior space, the floor plans are such that you will find a flow of energy and design in the apartments. At the same time, proper attention has been paid to the ventilation and allowance of natural light in all the rooms of Omaxe New Heights Flats in Faridabad. This ensures that you can live naturally and also save power required for artificial light and cooling.

Another good feature of the floor plans of Omaxe New Heights Flats in Faridabad is that you are able to include all the different appliances required for modern and comfortable living. The electrical layout is also such that you get electric connection in all the parts of the rooms which enhances your comfort. The floor plans have been designed by renowned architects and this professional expertise shows in the designs of the apartments.

As mentioned above the tastes, preferences and requirements of the home owners have been taken into consideration while designing the floor plans of the apartments of Omaxe New Heights in Faridabad. As a result all members of the family – especially kids and elderly people find comfort in these apartments. All said and done the apartments of Omaxe New Heights are such that they really are a dream come true for most home owners.

The flow of energy is consistent in these apartments, which ensures well-being and health of the residents. At the same time, scientific factors have been taken into consideration while considering the location of the bathrooms, kitchen, balconies etc. As a result the people living in these homes of Omaxe New Heights get complete privacy while never being isolated from other family members. At the same time, the everyday work being carried out in the household does not become a problem for the other members who may be either resting or studying or indulging in some quiet activity which requires focus and concentration.

916 Sq. Ft. (2BHK)

1146 Sq. Ft. (2+1 BHK)

1496 Sq. Ft. (3 BHK)